Referans: SMEs favorable translation services supplier

The principal requirement for the successful economy in a country is widely considered as SMEs who extend their business operations outside their locality and create their own markets in foreign countries because SMEs make up the real economy layer in a country. Since SMEs in our country need to contact customers from many countries to offer various products and services to them, translation industry play a critical role in the global economy. Aware of the critical role in the global business, Referans Translations is one of the few Language Service Providers in Turkey who has already achieved the required background to convert translation business into producing added-value.

"Quality of the services we provide is always above the global quality levels!" says Mr. Rafet Saltik, Managing Director of Referans Translations.

Briefly about Referans Translations 

Our group of companies started to provide translation services in 1988. Our main focus of business that time was the documentation work required by importers in Turkey. Business documentation such as corporate documents and agreements created by the commercial negotiations, promotional and marketing materials and also user manuals required by end users entailed high level of devotion and expertise in the field. Turkish companies started to head up foreign markets in time. In parallel to the exporting inclination, we have witness a sharp climb in the requirement for content management and translation services from Turkish into various languages. That was the time when we started special expert groups of linguists from various subjects of expertise.

As a Turkish language services provider who translated product catalogs, user manuals, etc. for foreign companies for years to support their operations in Turkey, we decided to establish a dedicated language services company and Referans Translations was born in 2007. Our main focus is to meet SMEs from all over the world with local SMEs and give them best market coverage by supporting them high quality content management and translation services. We soon got a large business volume of drafting user manuals for machines manufactured by the domestic industry and translating them into several target languages.

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